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Polydist have represented Equate Petrochemicals for their sales of polyethylene since their plant started production in 1997. They have recently commissioned the Equate 2 facility. We established bulk materials handling facilities at London Thamesport in 2005 to manage their sea-bulk shipments.

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  • HDPE

    Product Description Process File

    High Load 10 (131°C/21kg)

    0.952 / Film Extrusion

    0.4 (135°C / 2.16kg)

    0.955 / Blow Molding

    0.07 (131°C / 2.16kg)

    0.952 / Blow Molding

    Product Description Process File
    EFDC 7050

    2.0 124°C / 2.16kg)

    0.918 / Blown Film
    EFDC 7087

    1.0 (124°C / 2.16kg)

    0.918 / Blown Film
    EFDA 7047

    1.0 (124°C / 2.16kg)

    0.918 / Blown Film

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