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Grupo Repol


  • ABS

    Product Description Process File
    ABS S1S35 E-1018 Dinarex

    Food/Environment grade - Yellow RAL 1018

    ABS S3S50 XV0-0215 Dinarex

    V0 - Natural

    ABS S1S35 XV0-7035 Dinarex

    V0 - Grey RAL 7035

  • Acetal (POM) Copolymer

    Product Description Process File
    POMC2S09 L-0121 Dinaform

    Lubricated Natural

    Inj Moulding
    POMC1S08 TF15-0181 Dinaform

    ​15% Teflon Natural

    Inj Moulding
    POMC1S09 HI UV-0231 Dinaform

    High Impact UV Stabilized Natural

    Inj Moulding
    POMC2S15-4183 Dinaform


    Inj Moulding
  • PBT

    Product Description Process File
    PBT3S25-0114 Dinadur Natural
    PBT 1S25 G10B20-0216 Dinadur

    10% Glass Filled - 20% Glass beads - Natural

    PBT 1S25 G10 UV-0089 Dinadur

    10% Glass Fibre UV Stabilized Natural

    PBT 1S20 G15V0 H-4198 Dinadur

    15% Glass FibreV0 Halogen free Heat Stabilized - Black

    PBT 1S15G30XV0-0137 Dinadur

    30% Glass Fibre V0 Halenated Natural

    PBT1D10 G30V0-0161 Dinafur

    30% Glass Fibre V0 Halogen free Natural


    Product Description Process File
    PBT/ASA 1S30 G20-4322 Dinablend

    20% Glass Fibre - Black

  • PC/ABS

    Product Description Process File
    PC/ABS 1S15V0-7035 Dinablend

    VO Halogen free - Grey RAL 7035

    PC/ABS 1S25 V0-3000 Dinablend

    V0 Halogen free - Red RAL 3000

    PC/ABS 1S25 V0 UV-9003

    V0 Halogen free UV Stabilized - White RAL 9003

    PC/ABS 4S20-4321 Dinablend

    Improved flow general purpose injection moulding - Black

    PC/ABS 1S25 HI HHY-0084 Dinablend

    HIgh Impact Heat Stabilized Hydrolysis resistant - Natural

    PC/ABS 2S10 G20-4213 Dinablend

    20% Glass Fibre - Black

    PC/ABS 4S10-0162 Dinablend


  • PC/ASA

    Product Description Process File
    PC/ASA 4S30 UV-7365 Dinablend UV - Grey

    UV Stabilized - Grey

  • PC/PBT

    Product Description Process File
    PC/PBT 1S10 G30-4305 Dinablend

    30% Glass Fibre - Black

  • Polycarbonate (PC)

    Product Description Process File
    PC2S03 V0-0228 Dinaxan

    V0 Halogen free Natural

    PC1S25 UV-9210 Dinaxan

    UV Stabilized White

    PC1S25 G10V0 UV-7035 Dinaxan

    10% Glass Fibre V0 Halogen free UV Stabilized Grey

    PC1S25 G10V0-4189 Dinaxan

    10% Glass Fibre V0 Halogen free UV Stabilized Black

    PC1S20 VO UV-7035 Dinaxan

    VO Halogen free UV Stabilized Grey - RAL 7035

    PC3S10 E-0126 Dinaxan

    Food/Enviromental Grade Natural

    PC1S15 G40V0-4189 Dinaxan

    40& Glass Fibre V0 Halogen free Black

    PC1S05 G40V0 H-0200 Dinaxan

    40 % Glass Fibre V0 Halogen free Heat Stabilized Natural

  • PPS

    Product Description Process File
    PPS GM65-4205 Dinatron
    PPS GM65-0146 Dinatron
    PPS G40-4205 Dinatron
    PPS G40-0163 Dinatron
  • SAN

    Product Description Process File
    SAN 1S15-9216 - White


    1.08 / Inj Moulding

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