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Our Environmental Responsibility

We work closely with our supply partners to bring in a range of innovative, high quality products to the market which help to address global concerns about the long term effects of plastic usage in our everyday lives.



A Sustainable Polydist

  • ​Reduced carbon footprint
  • Efficient distribution network
  • Choosing suppliers who care
  • Biodegradable & Compostable Polymers
  • Water Soluble Polymers
  • Bio-sourced Polymers

Sustainable Portfolio

Sustainability engineering grades we can offer:

SABIC Specialty - LNP - Elcrin LNP™ Elcrin iQ compounds

Sustainable PBT compounds and alloys produced from depolymerised post-consumer waste

Radici - Heramid grades of PA6 and PA66

Veolia- range of recycled PP and HDPE

Braskem Green

Further information can be found through the below sections:


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